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The General Motors Service Policies and Procedures Manual Article 3.2.5 states the following:

For Security and protection against auto theft, Dealer Personal must verify vehicle ownership before providing replacement keys, key numbers and/or security chips. Verification should include positive identification of requester and verification of vehicle ownership through registration. Each Dealership must  make a permanent file, by VIN of all key requests; the file must include copies of the following:

 - Government issued picture ID (Drivers License)

 - Vehicle's registration or other proof of ownership.caution: Registration should have normal markings from State or Province that issued the registration.

 - Copy of the paid customer receipt which has the name of the employee who cut and sold the key to the customer.

This file is subject to review by Regional Field Staff, General Motors Audit Staff, General Motors security and law enforcement agencies. Documentation is to be filed by VIN and retained for 2 years in a secure location (under lock and key).


Additional Considerations: Key Code requests by dealership employees-

Processes and procedures need to be in place when situations arise where a key may be required for the following reasons-

- Keys are locked in vehicle by

     * Customer left vehicle with keys locked inside

     * Technician left keys locked in vehicle that was in for service

     * Porter locked keys in vehicle after being directed to move it

     * Inventory vehicle (new/used) locked - keys lost/missing/left in vehicle

     * Dealer owned vehicle locked with keys lost/missing/left in vehicle

     * Any other dealership employee requesting a key or a key code for a vehicle they do not own.

- Vehicle was left at a dealership in a locked condition without access to keys.

There should be a written dealership policy as to how the above situation is handled. It should include but not be limited to the following-

1. Standard request form to be used by all departments

2. Name of employee making request

3.  Department making request

4. Reason for request

5. Who is responsible for expense to complete request (department, employee or customer)

6. Department manager's signature including the date and time approving request.

7. Dealership Manager (Parts?) to verify, authorize and document request

8. Review Monthly to determine if corrective measures are in order due to number of requests